Can I Create My Own Cryptocurrency?

In order for you to be in a position to make your own cryptocurrency, here are some things you should follow. Create A Blockchain The first step towards making the best cryptocurrency is to build a blockchain. Blockchain technology is the background and every cryptocurrency you see in the world today. A blockchain contains the […]

What Cryptocurrencies Are a Good Investment?

This year the value of Bitcoin has skyrocketed, despite last ounce of gold. There are also new cryptocurrencies on the market, more surprisingly bringing in the value of cryptocoins up to over a hundred billion. On the other hand, the longer-term cryptocurrency-outlook is somewhat negative. There are shortcomings in the lack of growth among the […]

CFDs – Margin Trading

CFD means “Contract for Diversity”. This tool is an excellent way to trade stocks, barriers, indices, forex and other financial instruments. You are allowed to do business using margin. This means that, with a small amount of capital, you can trade big. Typically, CFD trading involves an agreement to exchange the difference in the value […]

Blockchain wins big in Switzerland and Hong Kong

Blockchain’s claim to fame is Bitcoin. While this is perhaps the most well-known application, interest in the technology continues to spread as countries like Switzerland and Hong Kong get involved. Outside of Bitcoin Blockchain offers a multitude of applications in a variety of industries, and its unchanging and decentralized nature that makes it almost robust […]

What is Cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency or cryptocurrency (cryptocurrency of the Saxon) is a virtual currency that serves to exchange products and services through a system of electronic transactions that does not have to go through any intermediary. The first cryptocurrency to start trading was Bitcoin in 2009, and since then many others have come along, along with other […]

AENCO Blockchain A Stop Shop

Aenco integrates its platform solutions and key financing ecosystems with a wider community of healthcare technologies, through AEN tokens, as the key building block of ecosystems and extensions across its services and to the community. AENCO – Blockchain Healthcare Technology Solutions Solutions Platform Aenco is the FIRST Blockchain based on the Healthcare Technology Financial Solutions […]