Create a Desktop Icon in Rediffmail

Opening your Rediffmail account should not be difficult and a waste of time, right? Depending on your Internet connection, it may take a while or two for this to happen. But suppose you spend about 3 to 4 minutes, open your browser, then access your Rediffmail. Then you check your mail at least three times a day. That’s why you spend about 12 minutes on your 24 hour access to your messages. Multiply it by at least 30 days, and you spend 360 minutes just opening Rediffmail — that’s 6 hours a month. Sure by now you know you can do a lot of other things given at that time.

So it is a good idea to consider seriously adding a Rediffmail icon right on your desktop, and there are actually three ways to do this:

First, you can display the desktop screen on your computer. Right click on the screen and select New. Then select Shortcut. In the space provided, the URL of the Rediffmail login page is forwarded. You could name the new shortcut. Click Finish.

Another option is to save the Rediffmail login page. Open your Rediffmail link. We have already provided that for you. In your browser, find the File Menu. Select Save As. Do not change anything, especially the file extension. Otherwise, the desktop icon may not work. You can rename the icon on the desktop.

Finally, you can simply drag the Rediffmail icon directly to your desktop. To achieve this, open the login page and resize the window so you can see your desktop as well. After that, look for the e-mail service icon that appears in the address bar on your desktop. Use your mouse button on the leg.


• You are free to name the icon of anything, but just to make sure you are not confused, just call it Rediffmail.

• Remember that you only create a desktop icon for the mail service so you can easily access it. You will not be able to check your e-mail messages unless you are connected to the Internet.

• You need to be careful about using the desktop icon. It is recommended that you do this when no one else is using your computer or laptop. You may be careless and someone will be able to open your account without your permission.

• The instructions above are what we call the typical direction. They may not be the exact steps you need to follow because it all depends on the browser, as well as the computer you are using.