Everything You Need to Know About ICOs

What is ICO: Not a real past, Bitcoin has gone through the process of existence and holds commitments to a potential future, even if it is interpreted and understood as a quick step towards digital currency. In the years following the maturation of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency ecosystem exploded. Amid the worsening pace of the birth process of newly launched coins, there is a type of transaction called, “Initial Coin Offering” or ICO. An ICO is a tool that seeks financial support that encompasses the trading of cryptocoins destined for the long term exchange rate of the current cyptocurrencies. According to The Financial Times, ICOs are not supervisors of laws that supply and distribute cryptocoins where investors can raise money.

On the other hand, The Economist described the ICO as a digital token issued by the inaccurate distribution of logs and blockchain.

In packaging, we can say that ICOs are the new bottom catapult method for cryptos breeders.

Rules: Smith + Crown explains that most ICO software tokens are sold in relation to the time before they are available for purchase. To avoid legal requirements, ‘crowdsale’ or ‘donation’ instead of ICO is the language used today.

Is there a chance that the ICO may slow down: In this regard, Crypto Hustle, wrote a recent article that ICO hysteria is due to people who first adopted Ethereum and are now interested in comebacks. That is, it is not clear whether the stages of finding happiness will last long or not but when corrections come, we will know which cryptos will stay.

If the ICO is a safe purchase: If you are at risk and not at risk, not watching the end of capitalism, or in this subject matter you may be buried in the ground, with no capital, then move on , this is your call.

Now that we have gathered the information about the ICOs, come to the final question.

What is the future of ICO: According to a 2017 survey report, “about 46% of ICOs did not reach the fruiting stage even though they had collected $ 104 million.”


  • Increased risk of investing in cryptocurrency.

  • Draconian regulations.

  • Tough competitions

  • Reduce return.

  • Changing cryptocurrency behavior.

China has banned ICOs and Russia has brought a completely different set of rules and regulations for ICOs with the promise that investors will be able to sell their tokens. Google’s ICO promotions and the book face it hard, and Twitter deliberately banned crypto accounts scams. Higher authorities believe the block chain has a viable future but the ICO? Its future is rotted within the skin of its own struggles to cross further bridges to prove their trust.

Mao na, oo. The death of the ICO is indeed about to reach the ocean, and before we know it, it may mix and disappear as it did in the economy. Although there are some coins that can work on the next Bitcoin so you have to watch out for the best ICOs.