Can You Mine Bitcoin on Your Smartphone?

Let’s take a look at the Bitcoin price index from July 2012 to September 2020 for a better understanding of this digital currency – Users who sell Bitcoin use many apps for Android, which are also used to store Bitcoins. There are many applications available and you can download the best bitcoin app either from […]

What is Monero?

Monero is an open-source cryptocurrency project with more security and privacy than most virtual currencies. It is designed to give everyone the power to control their finances without the supervision of the government and financial agency. Adopted cryptographical methods ensure that a spy has zero knowledge of your transactions. Who made Monero? Monero is mostly […]

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoins have become a very well known and popular form of money over time. However, what exactly is Bitcoin? The following article will move on and on with this currency that came up from nowhere and spread like a wildfire. What makes it different from normal money? Bitcoin is a digital currency, it is not […]

Dealing with Market Corrections: Ten Do’s and Don’ts

A correction is a beautiful thing, simply the flip side of a rally, big or small. Theoretically, even technically as I would say, exemptions adjust equity prices to their true value or “support level”. In fact, it’s a lot easier than that. Prices dropped due to the speculator’s reactions to the expected news, the speculator’s […]

Money Movement Strategy

Just now, I’m trying to explain why I made money in both Real Estate and the Stock Markets between the years 2000 and 2005, even though the economy didn’t really do much. So I did some research and I found charts showing the Dow Jones industrial average over the last 10 years. I also saw […]

Common Personality Traits of Successful Forex Traders

Newcomers are always wondering if there are any common personality traits that are essential for becoming wealthy and successful Forex traders. First of all, you need to know that if you are here to get any shortcuts and any embarrassing formula for becoming a millionaire millionaire then my friend, you need to find something else. […]